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Sue Your Lawyer over AOL email security ?

You’ve Got Mail? I’ve Got Your Mail! In a case that deserves your attention, a New York couple has sued their attorney, charging “legal malpractice and breach of fiduciary duty” by not using proper email security. The complaint reads Through her [the attorney’s] negligence, she permitted cybercriminals to hack into her email system and read […]

Organize your legal files the right way

Have you planned to organize your files one day but don’t know where to begin or are simply not in the mood? Are you caught in a vicious circle: as soon as you organize file a different one has turned to chaos? Perhaps you simply need to prioritize, find motivation, and invite help. Easier said […]

How to become a paperless law firm

Helping the environment is easy when you become a paperless law firm. Find out what options you have available. Try a couple legal management companies out to see if they fit your needs. Many legal management companies only give you thirty days to try out their software but that may not be enough to really […]

Tips For Buying Legal Management Software

Whether you are shopping for legal management software to help budget your personal or business expenses, you may find that managing all of your files with a single program helps you to save time and know exactly where your money goes. If you are familiar with the legal management process, you already know how complicated […]

Organization Tips for New Law Firms

We collected the top tips from top lawyers for new law firms Bookending: To use this tool, partner up with a peer professional. Each morning, you and your partner talk on the phone and commit to meeting certain goals by the end of the day. You report back to one another on your progress and […]

Managing your legal files and save the planet

Not only managing your legal files can save you time and energy but it can actually make you feel better because you are doing something great for the environment. You’re using less paper and reducing waste. There are lots of ways you can use technology to make your law office more eco-friendly. It’s not as […]

Preparing for a Paperless Law Practice

Here are some great tips from the America Bar Association how your law firm can benefit from going paperless. Reduced costs and labor Inexpensive and easily searchable document storage Improved client communication and service Innovations including document automation Here are some additional tips to have a paperless law firm By reducing the amount of paper […]

How to become a paperless law firm

Considering what Lawyers are being asked to pay for pre-packaged paperless solutions for their offices. Most law firms these days have a small office network in place to handle the operations of the business. Rather, it is almost impractical for them to be operating without some kind of a computer network in their offices.  Unbeknownst […]

A paperless legal community

Is it time for your law firm to go paperless? Sound a little scary? Nah, not really. At least it doesn’t have to be. As few as 10 years ago, we kept box upon box of archived legal records. At one point, we had at least 100 of those legal storage boxes stuffed to capacity. […]

Going Paperless: The Best Scanner for Lawyers

Buy a good quality scanner for your law firm if you want to be able to truly save time and go paperless. We asked several lawyers, what their favorite scanner is and they overwhelmingly voted for the   ScanSnap S1500 made by Fujitsu. The ScanSnap works well with Got-a-Case CasesTracker to make your law firm paperless. […]