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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Are You Asking The Right Questions?

Being inquisitive is essential to drill down to the heart of matters, not only in law, but life in general. We live in a society that trains us to always get the answer.  It starts in elementary school on up through college and work experience.  Answers are always in demand. Fine.  What’s the problem? The […]

Remove a Member from the Case Team

CasesTracker allows you to build a case team of those who are working together on a case. This team consists of your colleagues, both within or outside of your firm, including specialists, temporary assistants, paralegals and other attorneys. Only those who are members of the case team are permitted to access or update the case record. When […]

Session Recovery After Timeout

CasesTracker will require you to sign in again if there is no activity for a long period of time (approximately 60 minutes). This is a protection against someone using your account while you are away from your computer. With the new timeout session recovery, CasesTracker will attempt to return you to where you last were […]

Negotiating a Win-Win Settlement

The goal of any negotiation, and particularly in the legal arena of dispute resolution, is to achieve a “win-win settlement”, so both sides are relatively happy.  While as lawyers, we don’t pretend to be true experts in the arena of negotiations, we negotiate all day long while trying to procure “just compensation” for our clients […]

Who Do You Know?

Who do you know?  Can you benefit each other in a mutually exclusive way?  Can your benefits gained from a relationship with another individual, increase the likelihood of benefitting many others down the line? Why do I ask? Because you need or should give some consideration to the untapped power of energy harnessed from “what […]

Driverless cars – who gets the ticket?

The blurb on Bloomberg TV reads: “Ford CEO Predicts Driverless Cars Within Five Years”. If a driverless car causes an accident, who gets the ticket? Surely, someone has already started this conversation — but perhaps not. Our traffic laws were written to address the behavior of people, not of things. So when a driverless car exceeds the […]