Worker’s Compensation

Workers Compensation Law Protects Employees Injured on the Job

If you are injured on the job, you may be eligible for workers compensation benefits. However, these benefits are not awarded automatically upon injury. There is a lengthy process to undertake. You will first have to file a claim with your employer. Once the employer receives your claim they will hand it over to their insurance company. The company does not want to pay out unless absolutely necessary, so they may deny your claim. If you feel you qualify for the benefits, but have been denied, you should contact a workers compensation attorney for help with the matter.

Why Use the Services of a Lawyer?

Not every claim requires the use of a workers compensation attorney. If the insurance company quickly pays out the benefits, you may not need a workers compensation lawyer.

However, this is not the case for many workers. By hiring an attorney, you can ensure your employer and their insurance provider take you seriously. If the insurer does deny your claim, you and your workers compensation lawyer will be able to appeal the decision. This appeal takes place with a workers compensation board. The workers comp board can evaluate and help determine if they can force the insurance carrier to pay you your deserved benefits. If a claim is denied, you will definitely want to seek the expertise of workers compensation lawyers.

What Does a Workers Comp Lawyer Do for Your Case?

A workers compensation attorney can help you with the following actions in your case:

  • Help you understand your state’s workers compensation insurance laws in general. The laws will vary depending on what state you are in. This makes it incredibly important to hire a local workers compensation attorney with knowledge of local laws surrounding worker’s compensation
  • Assess the details of your claim to determine if you truly have a claim
  • Make sure you receive proper medical care for you injury or injuries
  • Send you to a doctor not associated with your employer for an exam and impairment rating along with an outline of any permanent restrictions
  • When necessary, file the lawsuit for you in court. If possible, they can also help you seek mediation
  • Your attorney can represent on your behalf at all hearings and trials
  • Help with assessment of your medical costs, rehabilitation costs, and determining the extent of your disability
  • When remedies are not immediate, a workers comp lawyer can provide you with some information on assistance alternatives to workers comp that you can turn to while waiting for your claim to be processed
  • File pre-trial briefs and motions to keep irrelevant evidence out of trial
  • Fight to keep in all helpful evidence in trial and to exclude any evidence that may be harmful to your case
  • Try your case in court when mediation efforts are not met
  • Should you need to appeal the decision of the court, your attorney can help with this as well

As you can see, a workers comp attorney can offer some real benefits to injured workers while they wait for a settlement on their claim. The workers compensation attorney is on your side to ensure you receive prompt and fair treatment from your employer when you have been hurt on the job.

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