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Access anywhere anytime via our cloud.

  • Dashboard


    Get a quick, one-screen view of your active cases, upcoming milestones, recent notes and current to-do items.

  • My Network of Colleagues

    My Network of Colleagues

    Build a personal professional networkTM of colleagues, fellow attorneys, experts and specialists.

  • Add A Colleague

    Add A Colleague

    Invite professionals you know to join the GotaCase community and benefit from CasesTracker.

  • Add A New Lawyer

    Add A New Lawyer

    Who do you refer your cases to? Make them part of the CasesTracker community!

  • Add A Case

    Add A Case

    Turn those file folders into electronic documents and data ...
    Easy-to-find! Easy-to-share!

  • Add A Member To Your case

    Add A Member To Your case

    Build a team of experts to handle your case - attorneys, clerks, paralegals and outside experts!

  • Manage The Case

    Manage The Case

    Follow the progress of the case, whether you're working it day-to-day or checking up once a week.

  • Notes On Case

    Notes On Case

    Learn something important to your case? Make a note on Cases Tracker, and share that with your whole team.

  • Attach Files

    Attach Files

    Include important documents, standard forms, photos, drawings and other electronic files in case record.

  • Milestones And To-DO ITems

    Milestones And To-DO ITems

    Set up reminders of important dates to track - filing deadlines, upcoming conferences, deposition dates.

  • Calendar


    Combine milestones, meeting schedules and to-do lists into a Case Calendar.

  • Export A case

    Export A case

    Create a complete Case Record that you can share with your client or other colleagues, or keep in your own personal file system.