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Organization Tips for New Law Firms

We collected the top tips from top lawyers for new law firms

  • Bookending: To use this tool, partner up with a peer professional. Each morning, you and your partner talk on the phone and commit to meeting certain goals by the end of the day. You report back to one another on your progress and use of time at the end of the day. Being accountable in this way will help you stay on track.
  • To-do list review: Frequently go over your to-dos with a supportive colleague. This will help you keep deadlines and appointments on your radar screen and avoid procrastination.
  • Tickler Files: Use this easy system to stay on top of paperwork. Set up monthly files, with the current month broken down into days. Sort this month’s paperwork into the daily files according to due date. For example: If you’ll be attending an event, place the ticket in the file for the event’s date. Go through your tickler file daily. Use it for items such as meeting agendas, itineraries, directions to a meeting or party, letters that require a response, airline tickets, theater tickets, dry-cleaning stubs, and birthday and anniversary cards. source
  •   Target in on your goals: Your goal must be specific, measurable, attainable and realistic. Remember: Some goals must be short term and some goals must be long term.
  • Significant goals must be broken down into smaller parts to ensure daily accountability. For example, if you want to have a paperless law firm, you first have to find the best legal management software and start scanning in your documents.
  • Instead of concentrating on the negatives, think of the benefits that you’re going to enjoy. As you set goals, make a list of the tangible rewards that will be yours when you reach each goal. Each time you begin to ask yourself whether pursuing a goal is worth the effort, simply take out the list of benefits and read them aloud again.

Benefits of becoming a paperless law firm include not having to carry the big briefcase around with all your law documents. Being able to use your cell phone to access your legal documents.

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