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Business Law

What is corporate law and does it affect you?

A corporate law attorney, also referred to as a business law attorney, works with businesses to ensure that their business is functioning fully within the law. This means a business law attorney must have a vast knowledge of a variety of different state and federal laws pertaining to:

  • Contract law
  • Tax law
  • Accounting
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Zoning laws
  • Licensing laws
  • Employment or immigration law if the business employees workers using work visas
  • Employment discrimination law
  • And any other law pertaining to the business of their client

Does my business really need a corporate law attorney?

Corporate law attorneys are an important asset for any business, big or small. Business laws are constantly changing and having a corporate law attorney double-checking that you are remaining within the law can be vitally important. Should you have questions about a matter or need assistance with a contract or transaction, your business law attorney will be able to answer your questions and provide you guidance.

Here are some common areas a corporate law attorney may be able to help your business:

  • Starting or forming your business
  • Dissolving a business
  • Help create handbooks, employee documentation, or legal documents between the business and employees.
  • Help with determining appropriate hiring and termination guidelines
  • Handle discrimination or other types of lawsuits against the company
  • Help establish patents or copyrights
  • Help with protecting intellectual property
  • Represent the business in any legal matter both in court and even in the media
  • Advise for properly understanding risks and liabilities in potential business ventures
  • Preparing business operations contracts (agreements for clients, manufacturers etc.)
  • Preparing partnership contracts
  • Reviewing business contracts and advising before signing

Hire a Business Law Attorney as Fast as Possible

Hiring a business law attorney from the start is important in order to ensure that everything is set up properly and that all risks are understood. A business law attorney will advise new business owners on key decisions, such as determining the kind of business structure they are forming, such as a corporation, a limited liability company, or a partnership. The formation requires that you understand the tax and liability implications of each kind of business and what will work best for you and your business as a whole. Once the business has been formed, the business law attorney can help with filing required reports with government agencies and filing annual reports. Corporate law attorneys are also important should you need to dissolve the business.

Chances are that if you own a business, you need a business law attorney. They can help ensure all legal aspects of the business are taken care of even before an issue arises. A business law attorney is a vital part of your business and should not be overlooked. A business law firm will often house several business law attorneys who have special expertise. This will ensure that the client has legal representation for any matter that may come about during the course of business operations.

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