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Category Archives: The 21st Century Law Practice

Tips For Buying Legal Management Software

Whether you are shopping for legal management software to help budget your personal or business expenses, you may find that managing all of your files with a single program helps you to save time and know exactly where your money goes. If you are familiar with the legal management process, you already know how complicated […]

Are You Asking The Right Questions?

Being inquisitive is essential to drill down to the heart of matters, not only in law, but life in general. We live in a society that trains us to always get the answer.  It starts in elementary school on up through college and work experience.  Answers are always in demand. Fine.  What’s the problem? The […]

Negotiating a Win-Win Settlement

The goal of any negotiation, and particularly in the legal arena of dispute resolution, is to achieve a “win-win settlement”, so both sides are relatively happy.  While as lawyers, we don’t pretend to be true experts in the arena of negotiations, we negotiate all day long while trying to procure “just compensation” for our clients […]

The Legal Community – A New Paradigm

The very concept of the Legal Community, seems very important to me. Even when we are on opposite sides of a case, we are still “brothers/ sisters at the bar.”  This is an old concept, like chivalry and the knights, but still one that NEEDS to be a part of our existence as lawyers. It […]

Tracking Leads – Taking It All In

Every day in my practice I am faced with the challenge of keeping track of my conversations with potential clients. I’m constantly losing track of key contact information. I find myself needing to discipline myself at the end of each workday to gather my sticky notes, index cards, yellow pads, business cards, and whatever else […]

Where to do Legal Research?

Electronic Legal Research – there was time when a wall full of books made the lawyer, though case law was created day to day and the updates to case reporters and statutes came to the hands of the lawyer yearly or monthly at best.  Then the electronic world became the way to access new decisions […]

Electronic Filing

Electronic Filing – Litigation in many, if not most courts, has become the norm for cases filed in the US as the Federal Courts and the Courts in most urban areas now require filing through some internet interface. Required in most courts – electronic filing is not an option.  If you don’t have an electronic interface […]

7 Steps in the Preparedness Challenge

Preparedness is an ever-ready challenge in the professional life of a new lawyer that recently passed the state bar exam. The first five years are all about learning the rigors as you get that all-important work experience and become a veteran in the court system of law in your state. You will discover on your pathway that preparedness is essential to the universal law of orderly progress. See where you fit in by walking through the seven steps of the Preparedness Challenge.

Communications in the Legal Field

Communications with Lawyers and the Courts – with the advent of the internet and email communications things have really changed.  The US Mail and then  faxes, or even personal delivery was the way of the Profession for many years. Using email – email is cheap and has become ubiquitous (“it’s everywhere”). Pluses & Minuses – […]