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Traffic Law

Traffic laws and how they affect you.

Traffic laws encompass a large variety of traffic citations, misdemeanors, and even felony driving offenses. Speeding, for example, is one of the most common traffic citations, and one that may not seem severe on the surface. However, multiple speeding violations, or even one high speed violation can lead to increased insurance premiums and possibly even the suspension of your driver’s license. This is when a traffic law attorney can step in and provide legal guidance.

It can be a lengthy process to restore a suspended drivers license. An experienced traffic law attorney can help to speed up and simplify the process.

Why would you need traffic law attorneys?

Though violation of a traffic law may not seem severe, they can lead to severe penalties. Most states have a point system when evaluating a person’s driving record. Points are assigned for different traffic law violations. After a set number of violations you may have your license revoked. At this point you would be unable to legally drive. Traffic law attorneys are versed in license restoration and can be a huge help should you encounter this issue.

Should you need drivers license restoration a traffic law attorney can help you go through proper channels for reinstatement. However, there is more to traffic lawyers than just license restoration.

In fact, having a traffic law attorney on your side from the start of the violation can potentially help keep your license from being suspended to begin with. Even if the citation seems small, contacting a traffic law attorney can be helpful. They can appear in court on your behalf and know the ins and outs of traffic law. They can help keep the citations off your record, lowered to non-moving violations, or help by seeking out alternatives such as defensive driving.

The Services of your Traffic Attorney

Here are a few instances you may want to consider utilizing the services of a traffic law attorney:

  • In need of license restoration after suspension
  • Lowering a moving violation to a non-moving violation
  • If you are close to receiving too many points at your local DMV and receive a citation.
  • DUI
  • If you have multiple speeding violations
  • If you want an experienced representative in court on your behalf explaining all your options for a given violation.

Traffic law expertise can save you money

Understanding that a simple traffic law violation can lead to hefty insurance increases and fines is all the more reason to seek legal counsel through traffic law attorneys should the need arise. Even one moving violation can lead to increased premiums on your auto insurance plan. Even if the lawyer is unable to get the violation removed completely, many times they can get the charges lessened, and they will not appear on your record.

The traffic violation fine is just the first part of the larger picture. Taking into consideration the insurance premium and points that will be added to your local DMV on your record means that moving violations can be quite serious. No one wants to have to deal with the process of drivers license restoration. Therefore, be preemptive when you receive a traffic violation, and seek legal counsel through traffic law attorney.

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