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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Announcing the GotaCase.com Website

Dec. 30, 2014 in Michigan. GotaCase Legal Systems is pleased to announce a new publication of their website at http://gotacase.com GotaCase has entered into a partnership with Advanced Media Solutions (AMS) for the web development services of the new site. “I’m excited about this new evolution to our successful foundation here at Gotacase. The CasesTracker […]

Heads in the Clouds

Collaboration is a key component in the everyday work routine of an attorney. I’m constantly tapping into my personal, professional network, to get things moving along on a particular case. As an attorney my number one function is to work with and through people to get things accomplished. It would be nice to have technology […]

Quik Case Entry

A shortened version of case creation — named Quik Case — can be used to make rapid case entry more efficient. This feature is especially helpful when there are many cases to be created, or when you need to quickly enter and refer a case. The Quik Case feature lets you do all of these functions […]

The Legal Community – A New Paradigm

The very concept of the Legal Community, seems very important to me. Even when we are on opposite sides of a case, we are still “brothers/ sisters at the bar.”  This is an old concept, like chivalry and the knights, but still one that NEEDS to be a part of our existence as lawyers. It […]

Tracking Leads – Taking It All In

Every day in my practice I am faced with the challenge of keeping track of my conversations with potential clients. I’m constantly losing track of key contact information. I find myself needing to discipline myself at the end of each workday to gather my sticky notes, index cards, yellow pads, business cards, and whatever else […]

Why is This Law Still Here?

How many laws do we have, on the books, that nobody observes? How many laws are never enforced, because they are outdated, because they aren’t taken seriously? And if these laws were suddenly enforced rigorously — if every car within 500 feet of the back of a fire truck was suddenly pulled over and cited — what would come of those laws? Would they stand up? Or would the courts dismiss the citations as “silly” but leave the law in place? Or would the lawmakers repeal the laws?

Password Assistance

Sometimes you are accidentally typing in the wrong password when you try to signin. If you do this too many times, CasesTracker will “lock” your account, to prevent hackers from trying to break into your account. CasesTracker now offers two kinds of assistance when signing in. First, it will tell you if the “Caps Lock” […]