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Sue Your Lawyer over AOL email security ?

You’ve Got Mail? I’ve Got Your Mail! In a case that deserves your attention, a New York couple has sued their attorney, charging “legal malpractice and breach of fiduciary duty” by not using proper email security. The complaint reads Through her [the attorney’s] negligence, she permitted cybercriminals to hack into her email system and read […]

CasesTracker: Summer 2015 Updates

Since our last update notice, there have been several changes — including some important enhancements and features — made to CasesTracker. Here’s the list: Lead Management The new Lead Management feature of CasesTracker allows you to classify any case as either a Lead or a Case. The new Case element case class (or classification) Lead: A […]

CasesTracker: Confirmation Warning

We’ve made a small, but important, change to CasesTracker today. When you attempt to sign in, but have not yet confirmed your account, you will now see a message: Your account is not confirmed. Please check your email for confirmation instructions.

CasesTracker: Notes notification email

Note Notification Emails There is an improvement to the notification email that is (optionally) sent out when a Note is added to a Case. The new format includes the text of the Note. In this way, the recipients can read the Note without having to follow links into CasesTracker and navigating to the Notes page. […]

CasesTracker: subscription process and other corrections

We’ve made improvements to CasesTracker for the subscription process and other corrections. These improvements are available as of April 7, 2015.

CasesTracker: Simplified Sign-Up, Discount Codes, Security Fixes

Several improvements and corrections have been applied to the CasesTracker legal case management software, effective March 5, 2015. 

Legal Case Attachments

Attachments in your Legal Case File CasesTracker gives you the option of adding files to your online case record. This allows you to keep you legal case file intact, online and available to everyone on your Case Team from wherever they (or you) are. Limits on Attachments in your Legal Case File There is a limit to […]

Remove a Member from the Case Team

CasesTracker allows you to build a case team of those who are working together on a case. This team consists of your colleagues, both within or outside of your firm, including specialists, temporary assistants, paralegals and other attorneys. Only those who are members of the case team are permitted to access or update the case record. When […]

Session Recovery After Timeout

CasesTracker will require you to sign in again if there is no activity for a long period of time (approximately 60 minutes). This is a protection against someone using your account while you are away from your computer. With the new timeout session recovery, CasesTracker will attempt to return you to where you last were […]

Driverless cars – who gets the ticket?

The blurb on Bloomberg TV reads: “Ford CEO Predicts Driverless Cars Within Five Years”. If a driverless car causes an accident, who gets the ticket? Surely, someone has already started this conversation — but perhaps not. Our traffic laws were written to address the behavior of people, not of things. So when a driverless car exceeds the […]