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Category Archives: Technology and the Law

Sue Your Lawyer over AOL email security ?

You’ve Got Mail? I’ve Got Your Mail! In a case that deserves your attention, a New York couple has sued their attorney, charging “legal malpractice and breach of fiduciary duty” by not using proper email security. The complaint reads Through her [the attorney’s] negligence, she permitted cybercriminals to hack into her email system and read […]

Driverless cars – who gets the ticket?

The blurb on Bloomberg TV reads: “Ford CEO Predicts Driverless Cars Within Five Years”. If a driverless car causes an accident, who gets the ticket? Surely, someone has already started this conversation — but perhaps not. Our traffic laws were written to address the behavior of people, not of things. So when a driverless car exceeds the […]

Heads in the Clouds

Collaboration is a key component in the everyday work routine of an attorney. I’m constantly tapping into my personal, professional network, to get things moving along on a particular case. As an attorney my number one function is to work with and through people to get things accomplished. It would be nice to have technology […]

Tracking Leads – Taking It All In

Every day in my practice I am faced with the challenge of keeping track of my conversations with potential clients. I’m constantly losing track of key contact information. I find myself needing to discipline myself at the end of each workday to gather my sticky notes, index cards, yellow pads, business cards, and whatever else […]

Communications in the Legal Field

Communications with Lawyers and the Courts – with the advent of the internet and email communications things have really changed.  The US Mail and then  faxes, or even personal delivery was the way of the Profession for many years. Using email – email is cheap and has become ubiquitous (“it’s everywhere”). Pluses & Minuses – […]

Challenges for a Lawyer

Becoming a proficient practicing attorney can be a real challenge in today’s environment. I am challenged to overcome the following behaviors: • Not enough time to follow through on referred leads • Lack of Inventory Controls – No systems in place to make, handle and follow up on leads and referrals • Failure to generate […]

Opportunity – A New Day, A Better Way

A new day, a better way. I’m an optimist and that is the daily rule I live by – find a better way, every day. Each day is full of opportunity and obligation for busy people in today’s hyperactive society. Who will I meet? What is my agenda for the day? What will unfold today? […]