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7 Steps in the Preparedness Challenge

Preparedness is an ever-ready challenge in the professional life of a new lawyer that recently passed the state bar exam. The first five years are all about learning the rigors as you get that all-important work experience and become a veteran in the court system of law in your state. You will discover on your pathway that preparedness is essential to the universal law of orderly progress. See where you fit in by walking through the seven steps of the Preparedness Challenge.

Communications in the Legal Field

Communications with Lawyers and the Courts – with the advent of the internet and email communications things have really changed.  The US Mail and then  faxes, or even personal delivery was the way of the Profession for many years. Using email – email is cheap and has become ubiquitous (“it’s everywhere”). Pluses & Minuses – […]

Challenges for a Lawyer

Becoming a proficient practicing attorney can be a real challenge in today’s environment. I am challenged to overcome the following behaviors: • Not enough time to follow through on referred leads • Lack of Inventory Controls – No systems in place to make, handle and follow up on leads and referrals • Failure to generate […]

Opportunity – A New Day, A Better Way

A new day, a better way. I’m an optimist and that is the daily rule I live by – find a better way, every day. Each day is full of opportunity and obligation for busy people in today’s hyperactive society. Who will I meet? What is my agenda for the day? What will unfold today? […]

New Lawyer – Just getting started? Just ask!

As a new practitioner, it is the time to ask friends, relatives, other lawyers, anyone you can think of, to think of you and your new practice and refer “would be” clients to you the new professional. I think you will be surprised by the results.

Introducing ourselves…GotaCase

Got a Case? That’s what GotaCase is all about — helping you get your case to a lawyer, and helping your lawyer manage your case. We’re using our blog to share with you our experience – most of it learned the hard way – and to hear from you about your own experiences. Together, clients, […]