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Organize your legal files the right way

5557c360972de-white-bckgd-logoHave you planned to organize your files one day but don’t know where to begin or are simply not in the mood? Are you caught in a vicious circle: as soon as you organize file a different one has turned to chaos? Perhaps you simply need to prioritize, find motivation, and invite help. Easier said than done ?

As with most goals in life, you need to strive for progress and betterment, not perfection. Most of us don’t have time to accomplish perfection in everything we do and still live a happy, fulfilling life. When you set goals, make them achievable, attainable. When you make that progress, produce a visual way to track it or remind yourself of all you’ve achieved. This goes for organizing your legal files as well. Praise yourself for what you have done.

Even if most of your tasks and daily tasks are “value added”, they’re not always fun and often too much for one person. Resolution: spread the responsibility among the company. What is boring to one person might be fun for a different. One individuals weak spot might be someone elses strength. When you do invite help, simply remember to be specific or be prepared for “not precisely what you expected”. Letting other people pick what they want and find their own way, reasonably, might even make them more willing and productive.

GotaCase is offering CasesTracker to you at no cost until 2016 and then it will only be less then $50 a month. Use the “SHAKE2015″ coupon code to get the fees waived. Hurry it takes at least 30 days to test a legal management system, Don’t wait until the last minute to take up this offer.

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