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Category Archives: Lawyers and Internet Marketing

How to become a paperless law firm

Considering what Lawyers are being asked to pay for pre-packaged paperless solutions for their offices. Most law firms these days have a small office network in place to handle the operations of the business. Rather, it is almost impractical for them to be operating without some kind of a computer network in their offices.  Unbeknownst […]

Time Management Tips For Lawyers

Many people do not know how to properly manage their time. They spend their days rushing from task to task, never having enough time to get anything done. This sort of lifestyle can leave you feeling harried and stressed. To better manage your time, use these time management tips. To better manage the time you […]

What Will a Birth Injury Attorney Do for Me?

If either the mother or baby were injured at birth or during pregnancy due to medical malpractice, they should seek guidance from a birth injury law firm. If you suspect you have a birth injury medical malpractice claim, speak with a birth injury lawyer to see if they feel you have a valid claim under […]

Hire a Business Law Attorney as Fast as Possible

Hiring a business law attorney from the start is important in order to ensure that everything is set up properly and that all risks are understood.  A business law attorney will advise new business owners on key decisions, such as determining the kind of business structure they are forming, such as a corporation, a limited […]

How can a child custody attorney work with you?

Custody lawyers work with the parents to determine what type of arrangement will be most agreeable for everyone involved. One or both parents may have custody lawyers present. There are multiple areas to deal with when discussing child custody laws. Here are a few things that your child custody attorneys can help you with during […]

What can Intellectual Property Lawyers Do for You?

Intellectual property lawyers specialize in intellectual property law. A copyright lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in cases involving copyright and intellectual property law. A patent lawyer can help you setup a patent for your creative works or ideas, and In cases of copyright infringement, a copyright lawyer can help prove original ownership and any […]

Who typically files a commercial litigation suit?

There are a number of people who may file a commercial litigation suit including: Former employees Former business partners Suppliers or vendors Competitors Or other area businesses What types of areas are covered under commercial litigation? Commercial litigation is a very broad subject. However, commercial litigation attorneys typically deal with subsets of the following areas: […]

Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Really Help Me?

If you have been charged with a crime, you definitely want a criminal defense attorney on your side. Here are some of the ways a criminal defense attorney can defend you in court: Innocent until proven guilty- All people accused of a crime are legally presumed to be innocent until they are convicted. They must […]