Immigration Law

What is immigration law?

Immigration lawyers handle all aspects of migration from shorter stays such as visas to citizenship. Here are some of the areas that immigration law encompasses:

  • Individuals wanting to migrate to the US
  • Families wanting to migrate to the US
  • Obtaining work visas
  • Help renewing visas
  • Asylum applications
  • Helping US citizens relocate to another country
  • Immigration attorneys can be a vital resource for legal representation and also knowledge for those wishing to immigrate.

When should I contact an immigration attorney?

Whether you have made the decision to immigrate abroad or to the US, or are in the planning phase, an immigration attorney can be a great resource. An immigration lawyer will ensure you have all the documents necessary to make your move as well as walk you through any of the process you may have questions about.

If you are trying to gain citizenship into the United States, immigration law firms can help with the following tasks:

  • Assist with citizenship tests.
  • Obtain immediate access to citizenship in emergency situations.
  • Represent you in court should it be needed.
  • Help ensure all immigration documentation is in order.
  • Handle any discrepancies that come up during the application process.
  • Ensure you understand exactly where you are in your citizenship process.

If you are a business owner or plan to open a new business in another country, an immigration attorney can help you go through appropriate channels to setup your business. They will help ensure your business is completely legal in the new country. They can help with any necessary paperwork or licenses that need to be obtained. Immigration attorneys are also helpful to businesses that employ workers from other nations. They can help the business ensure all workers have the proper visas and documentation to work. If a business plans on moving overseas or has businesses across many nations, an immigration attorney can help ensure they are following correct legal procedure in all countries.

Immigration lawyers are also there for people who are in crisis. If you are having trouble renewing a work or student visa, an immigration lawyer can help. If you have overstayed your visa and are being charged with overstaying a visa or immigrating illegally, an immigration attorney can provide you the assistance you need.

Immigration attorneys also handle asylum and refugee cases. An immigration law firm will work with a human rights organization and the legal system to help process your request for asylum. If you have sought asylum in a country and are not there legally, an immigration attorney can be your resource to getting asylum through proper channels.

The best immigration attorney will handle a wide variety of cases, and as you can see can be an asset to not only individuals seeking citizenship, but to businesses as well. Having an experienced immigration lawyer on your side to handle the lengthy and complex system of immigration law is essential for anyone who has questions regarding their citizenship status or capabilities.

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