The Legal Community – A New Paradigm

The very concept of the Legal Community, seems very important to me. Even when we are on opposite sides of a case, we are still “brothers/ sisters at the bar.”  This is an old concept, like chivalry and the knights, but still one that NEEDS to be a part of our existence as lawyers. It is also essential to the way that the Legal Community relates to the broader community.  It is from this relationship that lawyers make the credible case for their overall contribution to society and from which we command the respect that is due us for caring for the legal relationships amongst all of us and in handling litigation which after all is the way to decide disputes in this Nation of Laws.

The internet has provided the stucture for a new paradigm in the legal community.

The very idea of the Legal Community is one that we want to “knock around” and ultimately make a very big deal out of.  How do lawyers relate to each other?  One of the most important features of the Legal Community is that lawyers consult on prospective cases and lawyers refer matters to each other when we interface with the general public in intelligently assisting a citizen in need of professional legal assistance.  This is a big deal.  I always feel prideful when I am asked to assist a friend, relative or other citizen in evaluating their legal needs and either helping them myself or in my office or by making a reasoned referral.

Many years ago, I wrote this:  “It is my major definite purpose in life to be a Leader in gatekeeping and demystifying the Law and the Legal System for the public so that the Law and the Legal System become more approachable, user friendly, and understandable. In doing so I will develop and promote a system whereby the best available Lawyers and Legal Talent can be accessed by the Legal Consumer to meet the Client’s Legal Needs.”

It is in communicating with each other, personally and digitally, and working to earn the Public’s Trust and Understanding that the Legal Community serves that Greater Community.

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