Tracking Leads – Taking It All In

tracking leadsEvery day in my practice I am faced with the challenge of keeping track of my conversations with potential clients. I’m constantly losing track of key contact information.

I find myself needing to discipline myself at the end of each workday to gather my sticky notes, index cards, yellow pads, business cards, and whatever else I may have jotted down something on.

Some days it feels like I’m shot out of a cannon, headlong into a chaos of activities. Such can be the field of law.

I find myself losing track of key information all the time. Where did I put that note? I know I had that phone number on a napkin from that lunch out last week when I met so and so, but where is it? Very frustrating!

As an attorney actively seeking new clients, I find myself running into situations with people that turn into leads, or potential clients, all the time. The other day I was taking my daily walk in the woods around my neighborhood when I met up with a gentleman on a nature path and we stopped and chatted for a few minutes. Turns out he has a friend who needs an attorney and he doesn’t know what to do. These types of situations happen to me all the time.

Lead Intakes are the life’s blood of the progressive law office. In a successful law office the lead intake inventory is constantly growing, enlarging, evolving. And I have a problem keeping track of all this stuff, this data, these contacts. There has to be a better way. I will find or create that better way through the use of technology within my practice.

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