How can a child custody attorney work with you?

lawyerCustody lawyers work with the parents to determine what type of arrangement will be most agreeable for everyone involved. One or both parents may have custody lawyers present. There are multiple areas to deal with when discussing child custody laws. Here are a few things that your child custody attorneys can help you with during your divorce:

  • Establishing living arrangements
  • Negotiating child support terms
  • Establishing visitation rights
  • Discussing non-monetary items of concern such as medical care, health, living arrangements, or other items that are of concern to one or more of the parents.
  • Setting up trust funds
  • Re-establishing new wills
  • Adjusting life insurance beneficiaries
  • Setup power of attorney when necessary
  • Establishing paternity if needed
  • Adjusting terms of a previous child custody situation
  • Trying to resolve the child custody issues with the other party without having to seek assistance from the court. This can be done through mediation or arbitration if desired.
  • Child custody lawyers deal mostly with divorce cases involving children; however, they also deal with changes to current custody or child support arrangements. A child support lawyer can help you adjust the terms of your existing child support situation or help you regain visitation rights or custody of your children if they have been taken away.

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