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Legal Community of Lawyers

A community of lawyers? What, in a world where everyone is fighting each other, especially in litigation. We seem to be at war, in more ways than one, and that includes the Legal Profession.  Yet we all come together at times in regard to some of the basic premises.  One I like is “A Nation of Laws”. Is it true?  I think this is the highest attribute of the United States of America, “A Nation of Laws”. While we all know that there is a lot of crap in the game, and there are lots of differences between us, ultimately the long game includes investigations, hearings and trials which can finally resolve disputes or ferret out heinous acts that deprave us all.

Sometimes in a reflective moment I ponder, “how it is that we as human beings are so social?”   Even the “hermit” lives next door amongst the community.  Frankly, we need each other more than we know.  Everything we do or use is dependent on other human beings collective activity.  It is only down here on the ground that we feel disconnected.  From 5000 feet we live on top of each other, and never alone.  Always in communities where we touch, share the same roads, the power grid, etc. etc.

So how about a Legal Community? Brothers and Sisters at the Bar, yet taking positions that are contrary or at odds.  Lawyers need to act in a controlled fashion that accounts for the cooperation that is necessary to make the “legal world go round”.  Are there other ways Lawyers can work together to help the broader community and the many issues where the Legal Community touches and effects the General Community? You bet…..

So try to visualize how Lawyers working together can make the World a better place to live. Can we participate in the “social engineering” that is necessary to make things better here on Planet Earth today and tomorrow? Both within the strictures of the Dispute Resolution Process and in the broader community, Lawyers as the Masters of the Legal Process have a real opportunity to help…..

Ready, set, go…..

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