CasesTracker: Summer 2015 Updates

Since our last update notice, there have been several changes — including some important enhancements and features — made to CasesTracker. Here’s the list:

Lead Management

The new Lead Management feature of CasesTracker allows you to classify any case as either a Lead or a Case. The new Case element case class (or classification)

Lead: A case is classified as a lead if you have no professional responsibility for the case and the client. This may occur when a case is first presented to you, either from the client or from another source. Until you have entered into a formal agreement to represent the client, the case is understood to be a lead.

Case: A case is classified as a case when you assume professional responsibility for the case and the client with regard to this matter. Once you have entered into a format agreement to represent the client, the case should be re-classified as a case.

[Issue #292]

Case Filter and Sort

The Case List contains two additional buttons and . When you click on the “Filter/Sort” button, a new Case Filter / Sort page opens.

Use the Search Criteria to limit the cases on the Case List to those which meet the criteria you select. In the example shown above, the list is limited to Leads with a status of “Intake”.

Use this page’s Sort to choose the order in which the Case List is displayed. In the example above, the Leads will be sorted by Case Title.

When you click on the Find Cases and Leads button, the Case List will be displayed. The word “(partial)” will be added to the page heading and the Search / Sort will display a description of the Search Criteria that is being used to filter the list.

Use the Show All button to reset the filter and show an unfiltered list of cases and leads.

[Issue #292]

Colleague Comments

The Colleague Comment feature allows you to add one or more comments to the profile of a colleague. This comment is visible to you (as the author) and to selected members of your Network, at the author’s option.

Each colleague on the My Network page is accompanied by a “comment” icon, which indicates how many comments you have added to this colleague. Click on that icon to view or edit the comments, or to add new comments for that colleague.

[Issues #s 58, 309, 306, 311]

Document Size Limits

We have greatly increased the size limit for files which can be uploaded for a Case, a Note or a Comment. In addition, you may now use your User Preferences to change that size limit.

[Issues #s 300, 232, 245]

Session Timeout

The default interval for a session timeout remains at 60 minutes. However, you may not change that timeout interval using your User Preferences.

[Issue #225]

Case Information

The Case page now displays key information about the case, in addition to the case title. The new information that is displayed is:

  • Case Classification and Status
  • Case Type
  • Case Date
  • Client Name, Phone and Email
  • Case Description

Also, the default Case Title now includes the client’s first name, in addition to the client’s last name, the case type and the case date.

[Issue #s 287, 95]

ZIP Code Entry

CasesTracker now simplifies the entry of ZIP codes, allowing any text that can reasonably be interpreted as a valid format for a US ZIP code (99999 or 99999-9999). This correction resolves some frustration in user entry. Similar kinds of improvements may be made in other entry fields.

[Issue #317]

These usability features are available in CasesTracker as of October 12, 2015.

CasesTracker is legal case management software designed specifically for the needs of law firms. It manages many of the needs that law firms have including organizing clients, dockets, and the progress of clients’ cases. CasesTracker makes it simple to collect and manage important information in a secure manner. CasesTracker is a service of Got-a-Case Legal Systems, LLC.


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